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Patient Education & Support

At Neighborhood Health Clinic we are committed to deliver services to you and all of our patients in a caring, supportive environment that respects your dignity.

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Join us for a Better YOU

Are you ready to be a healthier YOU? Sign up for a class at the Clinic. We will round out your healthcare at the Clinic to help you live the healthiest life possible and manage your health challenges.

Sign up for “Healthy Lifestyles” for a hands-on experience to learn how to make healthy meals for your needs. Join one of the many fitness classes to improve your overall health. All classes take place on campus in the Van Domelen Education and Wellness Building. We set class schedules with you, our patient, in mind, with translators in every class.

Our programs are open to Clinic patients only, with the exception of Tools to Quit, presented by Tobacco Free Florida which is open to the public.

Call the Clinic at 239.529.2255 for more information or inquire at reception during your next visit.

Class Includes:

  • Meal Planning
  • Physical Activity
  • Medications
  • Controlling Blood Sugar
  • Preventing Complications

Taking Charge of Your Diabetes

You can live a healthy life while maintaining your Diabetes – and we’re here to help.

During your healthcare visits, your physician may prescribe a one-on-one meeting with our volunteer diabetic educators. They will help you with how to improve your health through in-depth discussions of your lifestyle and dietary habits.

You may also join a Taking Care of Your Diabetes group class to learn best practices for managing your diabetes and share your experiences with other diabetic patients. These classes are offered throughout the year with sessions in 4 week increments.

Learn About The Pillars of Management, Including:

  • Meal Planning
  • Physical Activity
  • Medications
  • Maintaining Blood Sugar
  • Preventing Complications

Healthy Lifestyles

The Clinic offers classes to patients facing any number of chronic conditions to improve your overall health. This class is offered periodically throughout the year in 4 week sessions. Taught by Diabetic Educator Karen Eastman.

Class Includes:

  • Cooking together and discovering ingredients to make new recipes at home
  • Nutritional tips for healthy selections of your favorite meals
  • Fitness through movement, and how to keep up the habit at home
  • Class attendees have a chance to receive fitness trackers, water bottles, and personal notebooks to track your steps to a healthier life.

Quit Smoking

Open to the public!

We are proud to host the Everglades Health Education Center’s Quit Smoking Now program.

This program is FREE of charge and open to the public.

All patients of the Neighborhood Health Clinic who smoke are required to attend the class.

Call 239.529.2255 to sign up for the upcoming class or visit the Everglades Area Health Education Center Website for information on virtual classes.

Class Offers:

  • FREE expert-led sessions.
  • FREE nicotine replacement therapy such as patches, gum, or lozenges.*
  • Covers all forms of tobacco.
  • Assistance to develop your personalized quit plan.
  • More than DOUBLES your chances of success.

*If medically appropriate for those 18 years of age or older

Breast Health

Breast Self-Exam Tips:

– Regular monthly self-breast exams can result in early detection and early detection SAVES LIVES.
– Women should perform monthly self-breast exams AND be examined by a physician on a regular basis.
– Pick a day each month that is easy to remember so you will not forget to perform your self-breast exam.
– Schedule your physician visits around your birthday so you do not forget them.
– Woman who have had breast cancer, or a close family member who has had breast cancer may need to be tested earlier or more frequently.
– Remember: men are affected by breast cancer as well.

Learn How To:

  • Perform a breast self-exam utilizing a multilingual DVD with a breast health educator
  • Provide breast examinations by a physician
  • Diagnose patients at an early and more treatable stage through screening mammograms or diagnostic procedures as determined by a physician.

Movement Classes

Classes for your best physical fitness are available throughout the year, with varying times to meet your schedule. Learn new exercise routines that you can easily perform at home to improve your fitness.

Movement Classes Will:

  • Rebalance your muscles
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Reduce your chronic pain

Educational Videos

Watch educational videos about Diabetic Management, Dental Hygiene, Exercise and Personal Hygiene.

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